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                                                   “Mekong Cruise”
Routing: Huaei Say – PakBeng – Pak Ou – Luang Prabang – Vientiane – Tha Keak – Konglo Cave – Limestone Mountains – Ban Hin Boon – Pakse – 4000 Islands – Wat Phu Khmer Temple complex – Chong  Mek (TH/LA border) – Ubon Ratchathani – Bangkok

 15 Days / 14 Nights

Day 1: Houie Say – Pakbeng
8.30 am Meet LuangSay boat’s staff at Chiang Khong (Thailand – Laos Border) to join boat sialing down the Mekong River to Pak Beng.

LuangSay boat leaves HoueiSay pier at 9.00 am for a cruise down the Mekong to Pakbeng. En route one stop is made to observe rural life along the Mekong River and discover minorities, a buffet lunch on board. Arrival Pakbeng before sunset and check-in at LuangSay Lodge.

Dinner on the terrace, overlooking the Mekong River

Note: Luangsay boat depart every Monday, Thursday and Friday

Meals: Lunch, Dinner
Accom: LuangSay Lodge  

Day 2: Pakbeng – Pak Ou – Luang Prabang
Full breakfast at lodge (Optional: walk to Pakbeng market, where people from the surrounding village of minorities exchange their goods). At 8:30 am. board the boat for the second leg of cruise. A short stop to discover a Hmong village before having buffet lunch on board . Continue to Pak Ou village at the mouth of the Nam Ou River, visit Tam Ting “Caves of a thousand Buddha’s”. These caves, overlooking the confluence of the Mekong & Ou Rivers from on high, have been home to many thousands of Buddha images that were placed here by local people since 16th century, when King Setthathirat found the caves and declared them a holy spot. Today many still pay respect with this old tradition.  Walk through the caves before returning to your boat and to Luang Prabang town.     On the way to Luang Prabang a brief stop is made to observe the traditional process of obtaining local rice alcohol. Arrive at Luang Prabang before sunset. Guide picks you up at the pier. Then transfer to the Grand Luang Prabang 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accom: 3Nagas hotel

Day 3: Luang Prabang – Around World Heritage Site Temples & The Town of Luang Prabang – Kuang Sii Waterfall
After breakfast, then enjoy day spin around Luang Prabang…and you will understand why it deserves the World Heritage title!  Visit Wat Visoun, the site of impressive Thad Makmo stupa.  The rounded dome is stylistically more Sinhalese than Lao. Phou Sii hill stands right in the center of this small city. Climb its 350 steps to enjoy commanding views for many miles in each direction.  Wat Phu Sii sits atop the mountain, along side the skeletons of Indochina war anti-aircraft guns! Then continue to visit Wat Mai.  Built in 1796, the five-tiered roof of the wooden Sim (chapel) epitomizes the graceful Luang Prabang architectural style. Wat Xieng Thong further emphasizes the uniqueness of Luang Prabang, its several roofs sweeping low to the ground. See also the impressive "tree of life" mosaic here.  The gilt panel on the exterior of the chapel depicts semi-erotic episodes from the Ramayana.  Then visit the National Museum, once a king's palace.  Displayed inside is a lovely collection of personal artifacts of the royal family, including photos, musical instruments, and many gifts received from the dignitaries of foreign countries. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. 

Then visit Excursion by car to Kuang Sii waterfall in the forest South of Luang Prabang about 30 Kms. Kuang Sii waterfall tumbles over multi-tiered limestone formations into cool, clear pools ideal for swimming and relaxation, beautiful scenery, fresh air, flowers, some wild animals. Have a pick-nick lunch then Then visit Excursion by car to Khuang Sii waterfall in the forest South of Luang Prabang about 30 Kms.  Khouangxi waterfall tumbles over multi-tiered limestone formations into cool, clear pools ideal for swimming and relaxation, beautiful scenery, fresh air, flowers, some wild animals.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Lao Spirit Resort

Day 4: Kuang Sii Waterfall – Hidden Valley (by Bike or Trsfr) – Trekking – Lao Spirit Resort
After breakfast, check-out of you hotel then go to the hidden valley and the Lao Spirit Resort. We suggest the following 2 choices for today: 

  • Start biking with your guide to the Lao Spirit Resort over an easy dirt road and enjoy mountain biking through villages and fields. Stop at the weaving village of Ban Phanom and visit the Grave of Henry Mohout (who is credited with ‘discovering’ the Angkor Wat in Cambodia). Biking 15 km/20 km. On the way Lunch, fruit and drinking water is provided. Arrive in the early afternoon at the resort. Check-in and spend the rest of the day at leisure exploring the surroundings of the resort.
  • Transfer by car to the resort and check-in. Then start a full day Trekking Tour 6-7 hrs or 5 hrs with village visits and amazing mountain sceneries in front of the Laos Spirit Resort. The treks are moderate or slightly difficult under rainy conditions. With normal stamina both trails are easy to manage in one day. On the way Lunch, fruit and drinking water is provided. In the late afternoon return to your resort and spent the rest of the day at leisure. Dinner is served at the restaurant.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Lao Spirit Resort

Day 5: Hidden Valley – Jungle Elephant Riding, River Paddling, Jungle Walking or Trekking Soft Adventure Options – Hidden Valley & Lao Spirit Resort
Wake up in this lovely natural setting and enjoy the fabulous views of the huge nearby mountain range (what will dominate the horizon all day) from your room. Then get ready to see the daily early morning ritual of our Elephants bathing with their Mahouts in the river.   You may feed them some sugar cane or bananas, and you’ll make a friend!   Then enjoy breakfast at the resort and prepare for following options:

  • After crossing the Nam Khan River you will be introduced to our protected Asian Elephants and go out for a scenic ride. Enjoy the new perspective and the wonderful nature on this approx. 1hr. Elephant ride. A stunning landscape, quietness, and the lush nature gives you a relaxed stay on the back of the protected Elephant. Make your way through forests and along the Nam Khan river up to the lovely (and less touristed) Tad Sae Waterfalls.  Here you can hang out for lunch and some swimming and bathing in the refreshing cool cascades.  After your picnic lunch (with our guide), experience the tropical jungle on one of our several Nature Trails (your guide will suggest).   Then continue with a leisurely trek of several hours which will lead you to a Khmu tribal village.  First we’ll pay respect and meet the headman (elders if headman not available), and you get an insight into the every day life & culture of this hill tribe.  Most of the Khmu are farmers and fishermen and live from their slash and burn tradition. The Khmu speak a language different to Lao, so your guide will ask your questions and translate answers.   After a break in the village return to the resort to relax at leisure or explore on your own.   The virgin Lao countryside awaits you with spectacular views and the typical relaxed Lao atmosphere. 
  • Note on Activities:
    - Total walking 2-3 hrs. Different Trails are possible depending on guest’s power and stamina
    - Note that the Tad Sae Waterfall is dry during February-August!
    - Elephant rides than take different routes across the river and through villages, and take about 60-90 min.
  • Arrive at the nearby Nam Khan River by foot, and then start kayaking back into town through fantastic scenery & landscapes.  You will easy kayaking using sit-on-top-kayaks and with an occasional small rapids. We start from the resort in the hidden valley, and arrive in Luang Prabang town after 3-4 hours. Including breaks along the way!  On the way we provide Lunch, fruits and drinking water. Return to the resort by car and spend the rest of the day at leisure. Dinner will be served at the restaurant of the resort

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Lao Spirit Resort

Day 6: Lao Spirit Resort – Luang Prabang – Flight to Vientiane – Visit Local Highlights – Vientiane
After breakfast, check out of the resort and return to Luang Prabang and enjoy some last minute shopping before transfer to the airport for flight to Vientaine.

Upon arrive at Vientaine, you will enjoy a city tour to shopping at main market and the visit

Wat Sisaket with its thousands of miniature Buddha statues. Other sites you will see include the huge golden That Luang monument, and next door, Vientiane's own Victory Monument, which looks like the Arc de Triomphe.  This was built at the end of the Indochina wars with money rumoured to be American, and earmarked for the airport’s new runway.   Thus the departing Americans dubbed this monument the vertical runway!   Have a look at the lovely arches inside the monument. Also visit Wat Simuang and Wat Prakeo, which was the original home of the famous Emerald Buddha, which today lives in Bangkok.  Then return to your hotel, and spend the rest of the day at leisure. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accom: Setha Palace

Day 7: Vientaine – drive to Thakeak
After breakfast, visit the museum of former premier Kaisone Phomvihane, considered a hero by the Lao people. Then continue to central Laos, to Thakhek district in Khammouane Province.  The route

passes through primarily rice agriculture areas, so stop en route to see how rice is harvested or planted (depending on season). Ask you guide to explain the process, or speak with local people

through your guide.  Visit the Nabong Agriculture College, where Dr. Thongphan (director) will guide us through the school. Some 800 students learn here how to most efficiently plant crops for highest yield, how to breed & raise poultry & farm animals. Also see the laboratory where various strains of crops are tested. Continue to Wat Pra Baht Phonsan, locally held as a very sacred place. Here it i

Continue to Pakxan for lunch at a local restaurant on the Mekong River.  Then check out the local market before continuing to Thakhek. You will see many seasonal crops: sugarcane; corn; pineapple; eggplant; chili and others.  The road passes over many small rivers emptying into the Mekong, and you looking from the road toward the river you can local fishermen netting fish.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Mekong Hotel

Konglo Cave

Day 8: Tha Kaek – 7 Km Konglo Cave – Village
After breakfast, formalities load our vehicle and drive several hours into the Khammouan Limestone.  Stop along the way at viewpoints.  Lunch at a local restaurant.  Continue to a village near the mouth of the 7km Konglo cave. Leave unnecessary gear in the vehicle and board a local style boats and cross to the far side of the cave, weather conditions permitting.  Headlamps and torches help you gauge the scale of the large chambers.  Return to the vehicle and to a village half way to tomorrow’s put in point on the Hin Boon River.  Dinner and accommodation at the headman’s house.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Simple accom in Village (headman’s house)

Day 9: Village – River boat trip thru Limestone Mountains – Local Village
After a local breakfast, continue to our put in point on the Nam Hin Boon River.  Here we board a local-style riverboat to journey into the high limestone of the Khammouanne NBCA. Several hours boat ride take you through Limestone Karst landscape of the NBCA….Nature watchers can sometimes see examples of various NBCA wildlife. This area is home to monkeys, several large cats including Clouded Leopard, Civit Cat and Tiger.  Local Fauna includes many different type of Ferns, rare Orchids, Cycads and a variety of Epiphytes.  Stop in several places along the way to enjoy the lovely views of the limestone, swim in the river, or have a snack.   Continue to a riverside village where we will be accommodated by the village headman & his family.   Here you will have a real taste of Lao village life.  Enjoy meeting & playing with the charming children who will come from all over the village to have a look at the Westerners!  Enjoy the rest of the day in the village, exploring, walking, or just relaxing.  Dinner cooked by our guides to be eaten at the headman’s house.

NOTE: respecting local tradition, visitors will sleep in segregated areas, women with women, and men with men

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Simple accom in Village (headman’s house)

Day 10:  Village – 1KM Cathedral Cave – Blood Sacrifice –  Ancient city of ARAN – Village
After breakfast (coffee, local food & some that we will carry in), spend the day exploring the area.


  • Bring extra pair of TEVA style sandals, tennis shoes, or boots only for crossing through the sand & pebble-floored cave. Your feet will be wet for the walk through.
  • We reserve the right to change at a moment’s notice this day’s activities, as weather & water level conditions have a bearing on clients’ safety.

Local custom requires the Pig Sacrifice to the Local Gods before visiting the ruins.  Ask your guide if you can watch this rite.  After equipment distribution & checks by the guides, walk thru a 1KM-long cave – actually a tunnel from one side of this mountain to a secluded valley on the other side, where the Ancient City of ARAN once stood. Crossing the cave requires walking & some wading. Some times of year the water is waist-deep. Local villagers cross the cave everyday shortcutting to their rice field!  Picnic lunch made by the villagers and our guide.   After lunch explore the Ruins of ARAN.  Largely overgrown by jungle, you will enjoy exploring the ruins among the huge rocket-fin trees.  Little is known about the origin of these ruins, except that they date back several centuries. Farewells with the local village community following local tradition, villagers often make a “Bai Sii” blessing ceremony for the travellers. But this will depend on the season & the villager’s work-load (during planting / harvest this may not be possible).  Enjoy a well earned dinner at the headman’s house.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Simple accom in Village (headman’s house)

Day 11: Local Village – Riverboat to Ban Hin Boon – Tha Kaek – Savannakhet
After breakfast, say our goodbyes the local village. PLEASE Thank the headman’s family before boarding our boat for the last leg of the River trip to Ban Hin Boon. Here we stop for lunch at the local restaurant.  After lunch continue toward Tha Kaek, visit and pay respect the Buddha Image at Buddha cave.

Along the way to Savannakhet, you will see many seasonal crops: sugarcane; corn; pineapple; eggplant; chili and others.  The road passes over many small rivers emptying into the Mekong, and you looking from the road toward the river you can local fishermen netting fish.  After check in to at hotel, explore this town on your own.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accom: Nan Hai Hotelt

Day 12: Savannakhet – Tea / Coffee Plantation – Pakxe – Tad Lo
After breakfast, continue to the south of Laos along the Mekong River to Pakxe. Visit Tea / Coffee Plantation. As the bolovens plateau is an extinct volcano, therefore fertile soil for growing. Here you can taste the tea & coffee too. You can also see eash process of cooking the tea leaves before or after you walk around the plantation. Then continue to Tad Lo waterfall. After check in at the resort at Tad Lo, drive to Saravan province about 30km, to see a part of Ho Chi Minh Trail, which was bombed heavily by US during the Vietnam/Indochina wars. Many houses, hospitals and temples were destroyed here during the war. Visit the town of Saravan to see how local people live. These villagers live very simply, as this quiete rural area. Return to Tad Lo by late afternoon, and relax or walk around the waterfall. Dinner at resort

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Tad Lo Resort

Day 13: Tad Lo – Boloven Plateau – 4000 Islands
After breakfast, drive through Boloven Plateau to visit the monority village of Ban Xieng Tad Soung and Ban Xing Tad Lae. Known as Alax and Ta-Oy Ethnic minority groups, these people catch wildlife for their daily fresh food. Mice & Snake figure highly in their diet, along with other small creatures.

They plant crops for their in come but these hill tribes earn very small money from their harvests. They cultivate corn, pineapple, banana, peanut, cucumber and then display their harvests along the road for motorists and people nearby to purchase.

Then continue to 4000 Islands. Spend the afternoon at leisure on your own.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Villa Muang Khong

Day 14:  Around 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don) Li Phi Falls – Mekong Dolphins – Colonial Bridge
After breakfast enjoy a trip by boat to the largest waterfalls in Asia!  Khone Prapeng & Li Phi Falls were the major obstacles which thwarted the French in their efforts to open the Mekong River to navigation. Here also live some 50-100 Irrawaddi (freshwater) dolphins.  If lucky, you'll have the chance to see them!  Lunch is in a local restaurant.  See the small gauge railway and Colonial Bridge built by the French to circumscribe the falls.  Then return to the island to spend the afternoon at leisure or exploring the island on your own. Dinner at a local restaurant.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Accom: Villa Muang Khong

Day 15: Around 4000 Islands (Si Phan Don) Li Phi Falls – Wat Phu Khmer Temple complex – Chong Mek (Thailand – Laos Border) – Ubon Ratchathani
After breakfast enjoy a trip by boat to the largest waterfalls in Asia!  Khone Prapeng & Li Phi Falls were the major obstacles which thwarted the French in their efforts to open the Mekong River to navigation. Return by road to visit Khmer Temple complex of Wat Phou. This represents the easternmost border of the Khmer empire, although the influence of the Khmers was felt deep into central Vietnam).  And transfer to Thai/Lao land border at Chong Mek. This is also the location of the one of the better Indochina markets along the Thai/Laos border. Browse the goodies on either side of the border. Continue to Ubon (Thailand) for your flight to Bangkok. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Accom: None

End of Service

Tariff: Based on twin sharing room ( per person)

Price Includes:

  • All land transport & transfers listed on the itinerary
  • All accommodation as listed
  • All meals as listed on the itinerary
  • All entrance fees
  • Services of an English Speaking guide throughout the tour
  • All services as listed in the itinerary, including the Mekong river boat trip
  • Air tickets LPQ – VTE / UBP – BKK
  • NTA and Lao government tax
  • Insurance

Price Does Not Include:

  • Laos visa fee (Visa on arrival 30 USD on week day 31 USD on weekend)
  • Meals other than those mentioned in the program
  • International or Domestic airport departure tax
  • Personal drinks at meal times
  • Vat 7% and CC 4%

-     3 % Bank charge (Incase transfer money by Credit Card)

Deposit 20% of total amount after confirmed the tour packages
Total payment should be done 25Day before tour start

  • Cancellation policy
    Less than 30 days 20 %  charge
    Less than 20 days 40 % charge
    Less than 15 days 50 % charge
    Less than one week  70 % of the tour price
    No show 100% charge
  • Child policy:
    Under 24 months old, sharing twin room with 2 adults same bed-Free of charge, sharing bed with adults (If stay extra bed, charge as per the rate)
  • 02-12 years, sharing twin room with 2 adults-25% discount with extra bed and breakfast and 50% discount without extra bed and without breakfa

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