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All Asia Travel, with its diverse landscapes, cultures and people, is fast becoming the new destination of choice for foreigner tourists. It is not hard to figure out why, with so many discoveries awaiting both new and seasoned travelers alike.

As a small, specialized adventure company, we work tirelessly to bring our customers authentic and personalized cultural experiences. We are also environmentally conscientious and seek to contribute to the development of local ethnic minorities. We operate closely with our villages and village hosts to preserve their traditional ways of life as well as the surrounding natural environment.

As the leading company in all of Indochina for these types of high-end tours catering to discerning travelers, our employees are knowledgeable, professional and are well versed in being off-the-beaten-track. All the equipment we use is state of the art and we always try to keep our prices competitive. So while others will be stuck on packed minibuses missing the sites, on our tours you will be cruising along palm-lined beaches, kayaking in aquamarine waters, trekking in the thick dense jungle, motor biking over cloud-shrouded mountain passes or riding elephants at our newly developed elephant sanctuary in Laos.

Whether your destination is Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, we have tours that best suit all your wishes and desires. And if you want something a little more personal, we are also adept at organizing a customized journey with your specify interests in mind. With this web site, we hope that you garner some inspiration for your next adventure and we look forward to accompanying you while you explore this amazing part of the world.

CambodiaLaos, Vietnam ... All Asia Travel will be waiting for you.

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